The Fat Loss Factor Review

The Fat Loss Factor Review

The Fat Loss Factor is a twelve week weight loss program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston. He is a certified nutritionist and chiropractor. The Fat Loss Factor program is now available online and is a combination of eBook, videos and detailed workout plans.

The Fat Loss Factor is a unique weight loss program compared to the others. The usual weight loss programs focus on supplements than anything else. But in this program it is more about proper diet, regular exercise, setting clear cut goals and plans for yourself and stress management. The Fat Loss Factor program has different types of weight loss paths and you can choose which path you wish to follow depending on your needs and necessities. Since it has different types of weight loss programs this is suited for different types of people. Some may want to lose weight to become healthy. Some may want to lose weight as fast as possible to get rid of their extra belly.

Is The Fat Loss Factor a Scam?

The Fat Loss Factor program looks at the emotional side of dieting. The Fat Loss Factor diet has four choices – the beginner, the intermediate, rapid weight loss program and extreme weight loss program. In the first two weeks the participant will be allowed to have only natural and organic food. This is for cleansing the body and to get rid of the body’s dependency on unhealthy food. If the participant is interested he can do a Master Cleanse. It involves fasting and consuming a drink made of water, maple syrup and fresh lemon juice. He participant is also required to walk 30 to 60 minutes each day.The initial two weeks are common for all the programs. After that the plan changes depending on the program chosen.

After the two week preparation phase, you may start the fat loss program by following certain principles.

The first principle is to do high intensity Cardio workouts regularly. First spend some time on the treadmill. Then slowly increase the timing. As soon as you get used to it try out other exercises like aerobics, cycling or skip roping. Make sure that your body gets adjusted to the new routine or else you will be exhausted at the end of a workout and you may even end up eating more.

The strength training is important is this routine. Cardio workouts burn calories during exercises. Strength training burns calories during and post-exercise. Strength training will also keep you energized throughout the day. You have to build more muscles to burn more calories. Muscles get the energy from the fat that is stored in the body. The Fat Loss Factor program is more focused on building lean muscle and toning your body.The program prefers shorter workouts than marathon ones.

Does The Fat Loss Factor Really Work?

The Fat Loss Factor program will require you to increase your organic food, fruit and vegetable intake similar to the one that was followed in the preparatory phase. Instead of the three meals a day, have small frequent meals throughout the day. This will accelerate the metabolism and keep you sated for longer periods. The organic foods have lower calories in them. So it will force the body to take energy from the stored fat in your body.

The most important of all is to be relaxed and enjoy your life. Stress will slow down the metabolism and thus it will make losing weight more difficult. People get stressed up about their weight and they may even give up losing weight thinking that it is impossible to achieve it. This program also helps the participants emotionally on how to lose weight and to decrease the physical and emotional stress.

Drink plenty of water. Make sure that your body is hydrated. By drinking more water it will decrease the toxin built up which improves the metabolism. Avoid high calorie beverages like soda, fruit juices and energy drinks. These drinks contain sugar and you don’t need the extra sugar to fuel your body.

Now why should people who want to lose weight consider The Fat Loss Factor program? The Fat Loss Factor program uses only the tried and tested methods for weight loss. That is why this program has a better success rate then the other programs. But this program takes its own time and no shortcuts are available. Moreover the program is highly customizable with different methods to choose from. It has different methods both for men and women also.

How To Lose Weight

Proper diet, proper exercise and stress control are given emphasis in the entire program. These three factors are given equal importance and one cannot be chosen over the other. Also the diet regimen that is followed in this program will guide you to have proper and healthy meals. People usually have an assumption that dieting means starving oneself. But actually it is to have proper food at the right time. Extra care has to be given to what you eat. A small piece of cake will have more calories than a double sandwich.

Exercises can never be compromised. That is why you are given the choice regarding which exercise routine to follow. The choice of the participant is the important factor of this program. Here the participant can choose which diet to follow, which exercise to do and so on. The other programs do not offer this kind of flexibility. Too much restriction in the diet and exercise routine can make you stressed out.

The Fat Loss Factor program is only available online. You can purchase it directly from its website. But you are entitled to a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You have to present your proof of purchase and you can ask for refund.

The Fat Loss Factor really is a great program that has a very high success rate in losing weight. But you must have time and patience. The steps are easy to understand and easy. So there won’t be any loss of motivation. Just remember that there is no magic pill or diet loss. It requires motivation and patience. Just follow the rules and you will definitely achieve your goal successfully using The Fat Loss Factor.